July 2013 | Paul Schilperoord will speak about The Return Of The Lever Espresso Machine at La Marzocco's 3rd edition of Out of the Box - coming this fall on October 17-19 in the heart of Milan's design district. La Marzocco is a true artisan company that has been hand-building espresso machines since 1927. OOTB will be held in a transformed industrial building, dating back to the early part of the 20th century, in the Tortona neighbourhood, once Milan's industrial hub.

OOTB | La Marzocco

Paul Schilperoord will speak about The Return Of The Lever Espresso Machine, at La Marzocco Out Of The Box 2013. SAVE THE DATE! 17, 18 & 19 October, 2013, Milan, Italy.

Via Bugatti, 7 | Zona Tortona | Milan | Italy



May 2013 | The new travel guide 100% Toscane has been published in the Netherlands. The chapters about the eastern and southern regons of Tuscany is travel guide were researched and written by Paul Schilperoord. 100% Toscane brings you to those places where you can quite literally taste the true Italian life.


October 2012 | octopus | Media design has moved its office to a monumental building in historical Delfshaven, a small inner-city harbour in Rotterdam. Built in 1762, an example of Dutch baroque architecture, the building was first used as a residential home, after which it served as an orphanage in the period 1873 to 1942. Today, the building houses a community of international designers & architects.


February 2012 | The hardcover edition of The Extraordinary Life of Josef Ganz by Paul Schilperoord has just been published in the US. This astonishing new book tells the story of Josef Ganz, a Jewish designer from Frankfurt, who in May 1931 created a revolutionary small car: The Maikäfer (German for May Bug). The Nazis not only "took" the concept of Ganz's family car - their production model even ended up bearing the same nickname. The Volkswagen Beetle incorporated many of the features of Ganz's original Maikäfer, yet until recently Ganz received no recognition for his pioneering work.

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